She graduated Suma Cum Laude in music from Texas Southern University. She has also been part of the extended education program in the Houston Community College Musical Theatre.  Niho has been awarded for her unique work and outstanding performances. Awards include "Woman of The Year” at the 2011 music awards sponsored by “Success Magazine” and Citgo.  She’s also been the recipient of the medal "Top Successes" presented by Telemicro Canal 5 and "Option of the 12" in the Dominican Republic in 2010. She has travelled and performed in various countries across the world from the Panamanian carnivals to the Forbidden City Hall in Beijing. She is also a music and theater producer. Niho has written and produced several musicals including “Havana”, “Language of Love”, “Remembering Broadway” and “Amame Como Soy” among other theater pieces.Niho continues to grow and delight her audiences by staying active in the music scene, performing at some of the most highly-acclaimed theaters, clubs and festivals within the Houston area and surrounding communities.She is an all-around talented performer who also demonstrates other talents as a theater producer, choreographer and composer. She has composed and performed two major albums, '“D' Rosas…? " A Cuban flamenco fusion and a compilation of her favorites genres 2008. She  currently  finished her latest record production, “A Mi Aire” 2017. This new album represents her latest fusion of styles from Flamenco to Cuban Timba.


Niho was born and raised in Havana, Cuba, and currently resides in Houston, Texas. She is an exciting and vibrant performer who demonstrates a mastery and talent in Opera, one of

the most technically demanding vocal ranges for any singer. However, beyond Opera, she has a highly trained voice that easily adapts and morphs to perform any genre of music including pop culture music, Latin, and other styles.. She keeps her professionalism at heart with ample care and attention to detail every genre of music deserves..

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